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Raytel Security Systems web site is currently undergoing a major overhaul. This upgrade is expected to take several months. The creation, updating, moving and deleting of pages may require you to update your bookmarks accordingly. We apologise for any inconvienience that this may cause in the short term. However we are confident that the future browsing experience of this site will be greatly enhanced.

Below is the skeleton of our site which will be updated as modifications to the structure take place.

index.cfm - "Splash Page" - brief animated introduction to Raytel Security Systems

home.cfm - Home Page - general welcome and main links

Company Information

  • contact.cfm - Contact information and branch location map.
  • profile.cfm - Company Profile - useful information regarding quality accreditations, turnover, registration numbers etc.
  • terms.cfm - Terms and Conditions of Sale - also available as .pdf page.
  • copyright.cfm - Web Site - Terms and Conditions of Use (Copyright Information).
  • email.cfm - Email response form.
  • links.cfm - Links to other useful web sites.

Products and Services Services.

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Company News

news.cfm - General company news and information links

credit.cfm - Application to Open a Credit Account with Rayleigh Instruments Online Form.